What do we do?

We produce narrative podcasts that sneak gently into the ears, with the warmth and intimacy that only confers voice and speech.

We make audio marketing pieces for events and advertising, both for brands and for cultural institutions.

We design corporate sound. We help brands to find their sound and transmit their values through audio. So, they expand their corporate identity and prepare to be present in voice interfaces.

We work with voice application developers in content design based on conversational design models.

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About us

Sònia López
Founder and director

Since I can remember, I use voice and audio recording as a creative and communication tool. As a child, I used to record my own cassettes (play + rec) with songs and stories. Later, with friends from the University we set up the weekly Cartografies program in Ràdio Gràcia. Years later, when noone knew what podcasts were, I founded Ràdio Web MACBA, one of the pioneer museum radios in Europe. Recently I have been the executive producer of the Oral Picasso Archive project.

Matías Rossi
Sound designer

I combine my work on cultural communication field with being a musician. In 2005 I founded the instrumental pop group Bradien, and now I’m currently part of Aalbers. Since 2011 I’ve been producer and editor of podcasts for Ràdio Web MACBA. Among my productions you can found the documentary series Memorabilia on private music collecting and In crisis, a series that reflected on the paradigm changes with interviews to James Pritcher or Jorge Luis Marzo among others.

Dolores Acebal

The art of listening or listening to art. In this I have been years: listening and sharing the multiple voices and stories that are cooked in the art world. I collaborate since 2009 with Ràdio Web MACBA as an interviewer, writer and podcast producer. And I also write reviews, biographies of artists, an online historical novel, posts and other reflections. In 2018 I curated the digital exhibition Living at the speed of light. Impressionist instants towards abstraction.